Radif’s mission is to empower low to moderate income families socially, financially through education, so they can have the necessary tools to transform their communities, lives and the societies of tomorrow.

Core Values:
We believe in human and then, our volunteers, partners, coworkers are the most valued assets of our organization, essential participants with a shared responsibility in fulfilling our mission.

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We believe in education and willing to transform lives through education to kids from low to no income families, we want to be the leader in providing assistance to education or be the bridge between sponsors and those kids, so the help reaches them without question. We are not in business for our kids, families and friends, we are in business to change lives of those in need, we are not out to a start without finishing, we want to be able to assist until they can stand on their own and fight for themselves.
We value excellence and we will only take on projects for which we have adequate, quality and the expertise to exceed expectations.

We value complete transparency and trust, we want to make sure that nothing goes to a way differently to what it was received for.

We value accountability and accept responsibility to efficiently manage every aspect of our RADIF.
We value teamwork and we want our organizational culture to promote involvement, participation, active, open communication and cooperation.

Be the key player in educating the unfortunate, be the binge between the sponsor and the kids, so the help can go directly to the kids and family that are really in need.