Can Trump stage a coup and stay for a second term as president?

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Ten days after Election Day in the United States, no state has officially finished counting votes. Results could still change, even though some media outlets have announced the victory of one candidate or the other. Incumbent President Donald Trump is trying everything to turn the tide, with some of his fiercest critics accusing him of planning a coup d’état. So, does Trump have a chance of a second term after all?

Remember this? At the end of that nail-biting election night, viewers all over the world watched as Joe Biden’s lead in battleground states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida and Texas diminished and shifted to Donald Trump. In the end, just a handful of states were “too close to call,” and Trump, eager to go ahead, declared victory in a rambling press conference at 7am GMT.

Then, in quick succession, Michigan and Illinois turned Democratic blue. In a controversial move, right-wing Fox News “called” the State of Arizona for Biden, earning the scorn of the Trump campaign, which reportedly ordered Fox owner Rupert Murdoch to change the call. In vain. Associated Press and many other press organizations followed suit

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